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Advance Keeps Developing Its Translation Services

Advance Services is always looking for the best quality of its translations and strives to meet the high standards which are common in the USA and Europe. Therefore, it invited an expert of PUM Netherlands Senior Experts to give advice and assess the quality of the project management and the quality assurance, being the core of the operations of all good translation agencies.

“Running a translation agency is a complicated matter”, says Louis Smit of PUM, a sworn translator of Czech, Slovenian and Russian and a former translator and foreign desk editor at the Netherlands Press Agency.

“It is not just about ‘offering translations’. Very often the environment is stressful. Quick delivery is usually required and translating capacity must be available at once. The company has to manage client needs, find, train and manage translators, manage quality control, keep tight deadlines, market the services and, last but not least, track payments.”

Translations are considered to be unpleasant costs. This is the same in Kazakhstan and Europe. Companies and individuals mostly look for a translating agency if they need one and do not look for it because they like it. “On the other hand, companies and individuals should realize that translations build bridges and allow a next step in business or in personal life”.

Louis Smit came to the conclusion that Advance Services is up to the European criteria for quality translation work. Additionally, he made suggestions for improving the work flow and the quality of the translation work.

The added value of a company such as Advance Services is being a full service specialist in translating. It knows which translator has the right qualifications to be up to the difficulties of a technical, legal, medical or marketing text. A perfect different language version is crucial to the business of corporate clients who need it for legal or marketing purposes.

Also,  individuals should be able to rely on the accuracy of the translations of their travel document or diploma. Customers can also turn to Advance Services for advice on administrative requirements and procedures to follow related to translations.

Apart from providing a quality translation, the agency makes sure that the process is smooth from intake to delivery-in-time and that the translation is checked profoundly.

The Dutch expert worked with the enthusiastic and motivated team of employees of Advance for two weeks. “The way Vera Marinova, the owner/director, runs the company shows great seriousness, a good knowledge of the work processes and sophistication. Paying attention to quality and working on improving it by training and ‘educating’ the free lance translators, she keeps an eye on the future.”

PUM Netherlands Senior Experts consists of volunteers with large business experience who support PUM’s vision that ensuring a sustainable development of the private sector is the best way to create employment and to fight poverty. The organization is financed by the Dutch government and runs about 2000 projects a year advising small and medium-sized firms in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

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